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Metallurgical Single explosion proof overhead crane supporting the use of metallurgical hoist which used in metallurgy … Suspension crane is electric traveling suspension crane, working on the roof of the work site. A protective earth conductor is fitted as standard, a crane switch is provided.

China’s rapid economic development and growing foreign trade has resulted in a large increase in cargo traffic in all of the country’s seaports. ZPMC has won a series of port crane contracts from Chinese port operators during the past 18 months. European and North American customers also placed large orders last year.

Double welding box girder, DIN/FEM standard deflection, Steel tube legs. The bridge is supported by a pair of rigid steel legs which are carried by a pair of end trucks along the floor level runway. Gantry crane is a kind of deformation of the bridge type crane. It is mainly used for outdoor cargo yard, material yard cargo and bulk cargo handling operation…. Speaking on behalf of Latvian Transport Minister Talis Linkaits, Zeltins said that SANY’s high-end container equipment has significantly increased the capacity of the Baltic Container Terminal, making it the biggest specialized container terminal in the Baltics.

•Smart Cranes•Battery powered or electric powered transfer trolley •Elevator hoists •Subway construction cranes•Container Cranes•Rotary Crane … Movement of spreader in the gantry or trolley direction, greatly improving container hoisting efficiency.Container Auto-tracking and auto-hoisting system Based on the data stored … We focused on international export product development, production and sales. We have improved quality control processes of STS Ship To Shore Container Crane to ensure each export qualified product. In one well-reported incident, six ship-to-shore cranes supplied by a competing company collapsed in Pusan Port in South Korea during in a typhoon.

Particularly in the field of all-terrain cranes above 1,000 tons, XCMG’s products have successfully taken the place of imported products and is gradually gaining dominance in the market. In the field of crawler cranes, XCMG’s market share increased by 10.3% last year, ranking first across the country. Over the past years, XCMG has been ranking first across the crane industry in China. Last year, XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division maintained its high input in technical innovation, upgraded manufacturing and improved product quality. During the year, XCMG launched upgraded crane trucks, such as XCT8L3, XCT12L3, XCT20L5 and XCT80L6; all-terrain cranes, such as XCA60_E, XCA550, XCA1200; and other products such as the crawler crane XGC100-I. With these new solutions for energy and data transmission, Conductix-Wampfler solidifies its role as an important partner to the container crane industry.

Among contracts that ZPMC has won in Europe has been an order for 13 double trolley cranes for the Port of Hamburg, as well as large orders for cranes Algeciras Port in Spain, Rotterdam and Felixstowe in England. With our North American success other customers in Brazil and the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi Port in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Sudan felt better about accepting our products,” Liu recalled, “Europe we came to late as there is strong competition in Europe. Before ZPMC no Asian crane manufacturer had sold to European ports,” he added. 4.The cranes handling 20 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet containers. Especially, the Super Post Panamax container crane can lifting two 40 feet containers. Workshop is the largest within the whole world crane industry.

Also, quiet cranes with reduced noise emission have been developed to comply with EU environmental protection requirements. Apart from designing new cranes, ZPMC’s design team also works continuously to improve the various components used in cranes are other lifting devices. According to Liu, ZPMC is the only large crane manufacturer that operates its own delivery fleet.

Container Gantry Crane is mainly used for loading and unloading, handling and stacking of containers at railway transit yard and large container yard. The port equipment market depends on the international economy and trade growth. Global demand for port handling equipment remains strong because about 90% of international trade is containerised, and many major ports are looking to upgrade their container handling facilities. Competition remains tough in Europe where ZPMC chases mostly large contracts, Liu noted, as most ports buying small numbers of cranes tend to place their orders with local crane suppliers.

It features a newly developed “”HD”” transmission series available in three sizes, each with 20 different gear ratios. Together with the reel’s unique and sophisticated control software, these components enable optimal drive design, reduced tensile load of the cable, and increased energy efficiency. The selection and arrangement of the crane have to meet the needs of its production process to the greatest extent, so the stability and reliability of the crane is also very important.

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