Home Remedies For Mange In Dogs

If you have ever suffered from the symptoms of mange in dogs then you know that the condition is a horrible one. Click here to know more about Cleaning Your Dog’s Environment. The disease can cause extreme skin problems, itchy skin and even bleeding and it is quite embarrassing to see your dog with these signs. You would never want to have to deal with this condition on a regular basis but with some good home remedies for mange in dogs you can keep the signs at bay.

Mange in dogs is caused by the fungi that grow on the affected areas of your pet’s skin. These fungi produce a specific type of protein that causes a reaction in the dog’s immune system. As the reaction sets in the dog will begin to shed its skin. If the shedding continues to get worse the dog will begin to develop moles. The symptoms of mange in dogs are usually quite similar to the symptoms of human mange except that they are much more severe and noticeable.

One of the first home remedies for mange in dogs that you may want to try is tea tree oil. This natural ingredient is effective at killing off the molds and fungi that are causing the problems. All you need to do is apply the oil to the infected area of your pet’s skin twice a day. The effects of this natural ingredient can be very quick.

One of the best natural ingredients that you can use is garlic. This natural herb can help to kill off the molds and bacteria that are causing the mottling and lesions to occur in your dog. All you need to do is soak a clove of garlic in olive oil and then rub it onto the infected area.

Another one of the many home remedies for mange in dogs involves treating your dog with vitamin E oil. Once your pet has been properly soaked in this treatment you can rub it on the affected areas. Just be sure to not scratch the affected areas. This home remedy will help to heal the mottling and lesions that are causing your dog pain.

There are many other natural ingredients that can help to combat these types of symptoms in dogs. You just need to be sure that you know what your dog is dealing with and use the best ingredients to treat it. Home remedies for mange in dogs should be effective and fast acting.

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